Annapurna Announces “Telling Lies” Release Date

We finally have a release date for Sam Barlow’s hotly anticipated Telling Lies, the interactive video follow-up to his critically acclaimed Her Story. In a Tweet from Annapurna Interactive, that included a new video look at the project, the date was announced as this Friday, August 23, 2019.

Indie Spotlight: Grotesque Beauty

Following in the footsteps of Japanese horror maestro Junji Ito (check out his story collection Smashed), Ho’s branching story focuses on a single night where a slumber party is about to take a dangerous, nightmarish turn. Putting the reader in the driver’s seat, your choices determine the fates of two girls involved.

#WarGames Rejects Overt Interactivity for Narrative Flow

A common complaint from viewers of the recently release interactive Black Mirror episode, “Bandersnatch”, is that pausing the show’s narrative to engage with binary choices was a nuisance that disrupted the narrative flow.