Five Classic Teen Books about survival that Inspired The Enrollment Trilogy

StoryFix Media recently released A Mark of Strength, the second book in Christopher Webster’s Enrollment Trilogy, a thrilling adventure series that follows the story of fifteen year-old Marcus Riley who finds himself trapped in a wilderness compound where teens are left to navigate their a violent culture of their own making. Manipulated at every turn, …

Book Two of The Enrollment Trilogy Out Now

StoryFix Media is proud to announce the release of A Mark of Strength by screenwriter and novelist Christopher Webster. This eagerly anticipated novel is the second installment in the popular Enrollment Trilogy and is on sale now.

Read an excerpt from A MARK OF STRENGTH, sequel to ‘New Horizons’

StoryFix Media will publish A Mark of Strength, part two of The Enrollment Trilogy on November 9, 2020 and we are excited to share the sequel’s prologue in full.