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New Horizons (Book One)

Kids call it The Compound – an endless wilderness enclave where teens rule and everyday is a fight for survival. A world out-of-time where an elaborate youth culture has arisen out of violence and scarcity, and all live under the thumb of unseen masters who have ultimate control.

15 year-old Marcus Riley is the Compound’s latest enrollment. A delinquent, kidnapped from his inner-city apartment, he awakens alone in the wilderness. Left with nothing but the clothes on his back and a cryptic note in his pocket, it seems only his wits will keep him alive… but for how long?

Available now on paperback and Kindle eBook

ISBN-13 : 978-1985758575

A Mark of Strength (Book Two)

The compound is in chaos. Following the victory against Talon’s vicious clan, a wounded Adam struggles to lead his united tribe of loners and control New Horizons. But as rumor and paranoia sweep through the ranks, threatening to end his short reign, a mysterious message arrives that puts everyone’s loyalty to the test.    

Meanwhile, Marcus, Elle and Scab struggle to adjust to the outside world in the wake of their daring escape. Who can they trust as they work to discover more about the mysterious AASP and rescue the friends they left behind? Friendships are tested and dark secrets are revealed in a game that is quickly spiraling out of control.

Available now on paperback and Kindle eBook

ISBN-13 : 979-8585386961

From the ashes of a dying Earth, they found paradise together.

It is a hopeless future. Forced to flee a toxic earth, humanity has found a new life among the stars. Some hold out hope that a new home can be found–a planet called Eden Star–but that dream is mostly forgotten.

While travelling between space ports, an old laborer with nothing to live for saves two young children when their transport ship is destroyed. Set adrift in a cramped escape pod, they begin to lose hope of rescue until a strange alien moon reveals itself to them. Together, the castaways learn to adapt and survive on the mysterious alien landscape. But what seems like paradise at first, hides many dangers and dark secrets. And as they grow into adulthood, they must confront forces they can barely understand: life, death, and a deep natural love.

Available now on paperback and Kindle eBook

ISBN-13 : 978-1794128217