Play Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls Choose-Your-Own-Adventure on Twitter

To promote the release of their recent Markarth DLC Game Pack for Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) (which you can play online for free until December 9th), Bethesda ANZ is offering a choose your own adventure-type story on Twitter. The first step is to choose a road, snowy hills or the woods, and from there, you can make branching type choicesContinue reading “Play Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls Choose-Your-Own-Adventure on Twitter”

The true story behind the first interactive fiction game

“Will Crowther, who never made another game, is now considered interactive fiction’s J.D. Salinger.” One of the most known interactive text adventures from the 1970s, Colossal Cave Adventure, challenged players to travel through a treacherous and long tunnel with untold riches at its end. Something of a coding feat, Colossal Cave Adventure was the first-ever work ofContinue reading “The true story behind the first interactive fiction game”

Interactive Movie “The Complex” Hits Android & iOS Next Month

Penned by The Handmaid’s Tale writer Lynn Renee Maxcy and starring Michelle Mylett as Amy, The Complex is a very cinematic FMV game which featuring hours upon hours of footage chopped up and presented as a choose-your-own-adventure experience. Introduced on consoles, PC, and Switch last year, the interactive fiction title finally hits iOS and AndroidContinue reading “Interactive Movie “The Complex” Hits Android & iOS Next Month”