Trailer: ‘Captain Underpants Epic Choice-O-Rama’

Based on the novels by Dav Pilkey, the episode follows a revenge plot and a fight for a treehouse. Audiences are prompted to make choices at key plot points to drive the story to its conclusion.

Remembering FINAL DESTINATION 3’s Interactive Mode

Long before Black Mirror's Bandersnatch episode re-ignited an interest in interactive streaming content, some DVDs included complex bonus features that game viewers control of their favourite movies. One of the best example that has become lost to history thanks to the near death of the physical media era is Final Destination 3's "Choose Their Fate" [...]

Gamebook “Way of the Tiger” Coming to Blockchain

One of the first 'choose-your-own-adventure' game book series, The Way of the Tiger, where readers had to turn to certain pages in order to complete their quest, is being turned into a modern day card-collectible game using blockchain technology. The Way of the Tiger was a best selling classic in the 1980s, written by award-winning [...]