About Us

StoryFix Media was founded in 2017 with the goal of writing, developing and publishing engaging stories for a variety of platforms, aimed at the mobile market.

Our most recent games include the first interactive adaptation of HG Wells’ The War of the Worlds and the sci-fi text adventure The Pulse

The second book in the Enrollment Trilogy was recently published while Publisher’s Weekly called our intergalactic adventure novel The Blue Moon, “a rollicking intergalactic tale of survival at all costs.”

We use our blog to provide updates on our projects as well as cover other interactive fiction titles, text adventures, game books, Choose Your Own Adventures and the writers and developers who bring them to life.

If you are a writer or developer who wants to be featured on our blog, or if you are looking to work with us, please use the contact page on this site or hit us at support @ storyfixmedia.com

You can also follow StoryFix Media on Twitter

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