Trailer: Choose Your Own Adventure Movie “The Adventures of Walker King” hits Steam May 31

Interactive Films have revealed their first game with the announcement of AWK — Adventures Of Walker King.

In this full-motion video (FMV), choose-your-own-adventure game, you play a burgeoning DJ who has recently been kicked out of boarding school. Are you going to take that lying down?

Having famous Hollywood parents, Walker King knew all too well about the downsides of fame and the difficulty of keeping a private personal life. In order to avoid trouble, Walker is sent off to boarding school where he dives into his passion of DJing, experimenting with his music as DJ NO1 and DJ XMIX. However, trouble ends up finding Walker anyways as his DJ NO1 persona gains traction and his dorm room music livestreams get him kicked out of boarding school. Now back in LA, Walker is unsure of how to move forward with his life.

Walker struggles with adjusting to life back home in the craziness of LA. He reunites with his childhood friends and an old crush who comes back into his life. Things seemed alright at first until Walker gets caught up in secrets, drama, and partying. Music has always been the one thing that grounded Walker, as he could step into an anonymous persona as DJ NO1 or DJ XMIX and just get lost in the beats. But now his safe haven as DJNO1 is being threatened as everyone wants a piece of the elusive viral DJ. Walker doesn’t want the fame and attention, but life might have other ideas for him. Take Walker’s story into your own hands and choose the path that you think is best as you shape and chart his growth as a DJ.

Check out the trailer:

  • Putting the Action Into Live Action: Fully acted and voiced scenes featuring performances from veteran actors, including Aidan WalshDawson BowieJulia Small, and Alli Albrecht, create an immersive live-action interactive movie experience. Your choices directly affect the plot, so choose wisely.
  • Disrupt the Timeline: Four branching alternate timeline paths, each with multiple endings, invite you to explore the different lives of Walker King. Will he choose to follow his heart and find true romance or pursue a path towards stardom? The choice is yours.
  • Reach the Top of the Charts: Track your progress to reach 100% completion for each path and unlock achievements to trigger secret endings, hidden scenarios, and unlock, bloopers, behind-the-scenes instances, and a bonus video.

More on Steam.

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