Fairy House – New Choose Your Own Adventure Book Hits in June!

Chooseco, publisher of the world-famous Choose Your Own Adventure gamebooks has announced the release of Fairy House, a new Dragonlark for younger readers by critically-acclaimed children’s author James Preller.

Younger readers embark on magical adventures in Choose Your Own Adventure’s new gamebook “Fairy House” by James Preller.

When you wish for your own fairy, you’re a bit surprised when “Bert the Below Average” shows up. But there’s nothing average about the magical adventures in this gamebook for readers ages 5-8.

Synopsis: Bored and ignored by your busy parents, you decide to go outside and build a fairy house. Just when you’re sure nothing is going to happen, you meet Bert the Below Average: a real, live fairy. He’s not exactly what you had in mind. But he’ll do. Let the adventures begin!

James Preller is the writer of the popular “Jigsaw Jones” mystery series and recipient of multiple awards, including the Junior Library Guild Selections, a YALSA, and a Cybil, among others. This is his first interactive book.

Illustrated by accomplished artist, Norm Grock, who has done work for Cartoon Network, Lionsgate Entertainment, and Highlights magazine.

Choose Your Own Adventure gamebooks empower children through choice with different endings that encourage readers, especially reluctant readers, to engage with books in a new and exciting way to develop a love of reading.

Fairy House is available this June, wherever great literature for children is sold.

About Chooseco
Chooseco is a purpose-built publisher who relaunched the groundbreaking Choose Your Own Adventure series of interactive gamebooks in 2006. Since then, Chooseco has sold over 15 million copies of bestselling, original, and all-new books, translated into 40 languages. Over 270 million books are in print worldwide. www.cyoa.com

About James Preller
James Preller is the author of the popular “Jigsaw Jones” mystery books. He has also written widely for young readers of all ages, from picture books to young adult novels. He lives in Delmar, New York, and gratefully visits schools around the country. www.jamespreller.com


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