Look Inside: Choose Your Own Adventure’s First New Epic Fantasy Novel!


Chooseco, publisher of the world-famous Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) gamebooks announced the release of The Citadel of Whispers, the first CYOA interactive fantasy epic for young readers, written by award-winning author, and Chair of the Department of Literature at the University of California San Diego, Kazim Ali.

In The Citadel of Whispers, you are Krishi, a student at The Citadel, learning the ancient magic of Whispering practiced in the imaginative kingdom of Elaria. Ali presents a protagonist who navigates choices and consequences filled with political intrigue, magic, and mystery.

Says Ali, “I wanted to allow the readers to be immersed in the story—part of the story itself—especially since they are creating its plot and meaning as they travel through multiple readings.”

Chooseco Publisher, Shannon Gilligan, adds, “We have been looking for a fantasy writer with Kazim’s skill and imagination for years. He evokes a world unlike any ever published within the CYOA universe. The book is so special.”

YOU are Krishi, a Whisperer studying ancient, secret magic at the Citadel. A secret visitor arrives late one night with news of the encroaching attack by the powerful Narbolin empire, who are poised to possess all of the kingdom of Elaria. Will the decisions you make protect the many wondrous people of this rich, fantastic world?

ChooseCo Synopsis

Kazim Ali will speak at the Twin Cities Book Festival (Minneapolis, MN) on October 16.

The Citadel of Whispers is on sale now


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