Many Legends books have been lost to history since Disney took the reigns of Lucasfilm, but old school Star Wars fans may remember the Choose Your Own Star Wars Adventure trilogy of limited collector’s edition paperback novels written by Christopher Golden and published by Bantam Skylark in 1998.

The three interactive books follow the events of the original trilogy, but feature a number of points in which the reader decides which page to turn to in order to continue the story, allowing readers to choose the outcome of events.

Each book was written from the second person point of view with the reader taking on the role of Luke Skywalker’s best friend and becoming part of his journey to join the Rebel Alliance, become a Jedi Knight, and save the galaxy from the Galactic Empire.

The books featured a number of points in which the reader can influence the story by deciding which page to turn to, resulting in multiple storylines and endings.

Join Luke, Princess Leia, and Han as they battle the evil Galactic Empire–and you control the twists and turns of the most exciting odyssey in the galaxy. You can help the Rebellion in the war against Darth Vader, or you can betray your friends and side with the Empire. What will you choose?

Each book is approx 120 pages A New Hope The Empire Strikes Back Return of the Jedi

Play The Pulse, out now:

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