Online Choose Your Own Adventure Game asks you to Shape the Narrative and Save the World

Survive the Century is a new interactive fiction, choose your own adventure game that puts players in the role of editor-in-chief of the world’s most trusted newspaper. In the role, you have to shape the global narrative on what should be done about climate change by deciding the policies to endorse.

The game was created and led by South African ecologist Christopher Trisos along with Simon Nicholson, and Sam Beckbessinger, a U.K.-based writer who writes horror fiction.

The free online game begins in 2021 with a timely prompt: Will you advocate for a global vaccine fund to ensure all countries are equally protected from COVID-19, or is it every nation for itself?

From there, you’ll click through a series of geopolitical decisions, selecting one of several options. By the time things end in 2100, your decisions can lead to a variety of outcomes, from global utopia to hell on earth.

Play Survive the Century online now.

Play The Pulse, out now:

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