MTV’s “Wild ‘n Out” to Air an Interactive, Choose Your Own Adventure Special

MTV will air an hour-long, interactive special for the show Wild ‘n Out in its 16th season. The special will allow fans to vote in real-time, send lyrical suggestions, and choose games for the participants to play and was created in partnership with tech company Stage Ten, which designed the globally interactive video players.

“As we’ve learned from gaming and even TikTok, interactivity and being able to be immersed in making decisions while you’re watching content is very important,” Lily Neumeyer, EVP and head of development at ViacomCBS’ MTV Entertainment Group, tells Rolling Stone.

“Other options of entertainment, like gaming and VR are moving exponentially forward to create environments wherein people are not only watching, they’re participating — and, at Viacom, we have a whole team that’s looking at all these things,” she continues. “We have budgets for exploring how entertainment is moving into the future. We just don’t make a lot of noise about it. Remember we own two brands, Nickelodeon and MTV, with very young consumers. So what is their expectation of the future?”

One day, you’ll be actually inside the show,” she vows, nodding at the metaverse, Silicon Valley’s new favorite buzzword. “Obviously, we’re not there yet, but every step that we take is a test.”

There is no airdate for the episode yet.

Play The Pulse, out now:

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