“Nothing To Remember” is an immersive murder mystery

Nothing to Remember is an interactive fiction game similar to Her Story, but instead of searching for terms in a database, you text to solve a mystery.

You play a police detective who’s been transferred out of her department after being accused of illegally hacking a database while trying to prove an accidental death was really a murder. And now you’re on the trail of a serial killer who, incidentally, is taunting you with texts.

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Nothing To Remember is a murder mystery designed with immersion in mind. The story takes place entirely in real-time, in a sleek chat window directly on your desktop. Playing as two distinct characters, unknowingly intertwined, you’ll have full access to their personal messages, inner thoughts, and key decisions in their lives.

As the case progresses, your decision making will be tested in this tense, gripping tale of deceit, murder, and the human struggle to stay afloat in a chaotic world.


• Immersive murder mystery – you’re in the centre of the action. The story plays out live on your desktop through our sleek messenger app.

• Four unique endings – your choices matter, and could mean life or death. Choose wisely, and keep your notes updated to stay on-top of this twisting, turning case.

• A grounded, human story – Nothing To Remember dives into the private secrets of your suspects – secrets they’re hiding from you, and themselves

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