“Oxygen” Director Teases Choose Your Own Adventure Horror with Spielberg’s Amblin

Netflix recently released a fantastic and claustrophobic little French sci-fi film called Oxygen a couple of weeks back and the director, Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes, Crawl) recently spoke about a secret interactive haunted house film he may work on with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin studios.

During a chat with the Boo Crew podcast, Aja teased a choose-your-own-adventure project with Steven Spielberg’s production company, which may end up being one of his next movies.

“There are a lot of different creatures I want to play with. And different styles. We have this haunted house movie at Amblin with that control technology… that choose your own adventure type,” he said. “But I don’t know when. It’s just taking so much time for everything to start again. Hopefully I’ll be on set again soon. A lot of exciting projects…”

Aja also compared the mysterious project to Netflix’s special interactive “Black Mirror” episode, Bandersnatch, which uses the choose your own adventure technology to allow viewers to control the outcome of the storyline.

There is no indication whether the experience would be for a streaming service or not, but we anticipate that would be the case.

Stay tuned as details emerge!

Via: Bloody Disgusting

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