Choose Your Own Survival in new Wilderness Education Video

Curious if you have what it takes to survive being stranded in the backcountry? Now you can find out.

North Shore Rescue has launched an interactive, “survive your own adventure” video experience to educate the public on backcountry safety. Co-produced and hosted on the Eko platform, it shows how choose your own adventure gaming can be used for more than just entertainment.

Whether it’s deciding to take a shortcut or letting someone know your travel plans, the video walks people through possible scenarios while hiking with a friend.

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“It’s a great starting point for conversations,” explained Mike Danks, team leader for NSR.

“I’ve played it with my daughters, and we were all fully immersed, trying different scenarios together. It’s a highly effective tool for youth and adults with any level of experience,” he said.

NSR has also partnered with the North Vancouver School District to bring the video to students and staff.

With the warmer weather, comes the increase in search and rescue calls, Danks noted, and the organization hopes the video can help lower those numbers.

Go ahead and try to survive below:

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