The Last Kids on Earth Announces New Interactive Special

Atomic Cartoons and Penguin Young Readers, along with Max Brallier, have announced a new interactive, choose your own adventure style special for The Last Kids on Earth franchise is coming to Netflix.

The interactive special episode of the Daytime Emmy Award-winning animated series began April 6, 2021 on Netflix.

In the interactive special, titled “Happy Apocalypse to You,” when Jack, Dirk and Quint try to throw June a birthday party, it turns into an action-packed thrill ride. Viewers will use their remote controls to decide what the gang will do as they encounter angry wretches, ferocious maulers, fearsome octogrutes, zombies and more, on the way to the birthday extravaganza.

Check out the trailer:

This is a chance for fans of the series to help make June’s birthday a blast, but not get eaten in the process. To produce the interactive episode, Atomic leveraged interactive Netflix technology that requires viewers to make choices using their remote control to advance the story.

“A modern Lord of the Flies” out now

“With audiences calling the shots, we can’t wait to see what kind of adventures – and calamities – they’ll cook up for Jack, June, Quint and Dirk in this thrilling interactive special episode of The Last Kids on Earth,” said Matthew Berkowitz, Chief Creative Officer of Thunderbird and Atomic Cartoons, and Series Executive Producer. “We have been so honored by the response our series has received so far, and we’re excited to see how fans of The Last Kids on Earth enjoy having the power – and responsibility – of deciding the fates of their favorite characters on screen!”

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