GHOSTS: Real-Time Interactive Horror Game Coming from Jim Henson Creature Shop, Jed Shepard and Limited Run Games

Jed Shepherd, writer of last year’s low-budget horror movie Host (which you can find on Shudder) is making a new live action game called Ghosts, an interactive experience he calls a real-time, interactive, live-action horror game.

A tribute to live-action video games from the 1990s, the cast includes Haley Bishop, Jemma Moore, Emma Louise Webb, Radina Drandova, and Caroline Ward.

Ghosts introduces a new horror villain named the Long Lady, designed by Trevor Henderson and being created by the Jim Henson Creature Shop.

“The game takes inspiration from the works of Manx screenwriter Nigel Kneale and the blurring of fact and fiction from the found footage movies of the last 25 years. However, unlike previous games in this oft-forgotten genre we’re creating a horror experience that aims to truly chill your blood and send full motion video games screaming into the modern day.”

“You play a TV producer, operating the outside broadcast van for a failing cable channel called FrighTV. Their flagship show is GHOSTS. It’s the only thing people want to watch on the channel anymore. A show that in its heyday captured millions of viewers on a major channel. Viewers were glued to their screens as the presenter with a team of eager ghost hunters explored haunted locations around the country.”

“When we say real time, we mean real time. The game will only work at 10pm in your local time zone. You’ll be playing at the same time as everyone else in the country,” a short teaser trailer released today explains. Check that out below and head over to Kickstarter to get in on the ground floor and help fund the game. Expect it to see release sometime next year.

The live-action horror game is coming soon from Limited Run Games. It’ll be released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, PC and Mac. A special Collector’s Edition will also be released.

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