Book Two of The Enrollment Trilogy Out Now

StoryFix Media is proud to announce the release of A Mark of Strength by screenwriter and novelist Christopher Webster. This eagerly anticipated novel is the second installment in the popular Enrollment Trilogy and is on sale now. 

StoryFix Media published the first novel in The Enrollment Trilogy, New Horizons, in 2018. In it, readers were introduced to fifteen year-old Marcus Riley, a troubled teenager whose life is turned upside down when he awakes in a mysterious “brat camp” called the Compound, where teens rule and every day is a fight for survival. When he dares to challenge the Compound’s vicious leader Talon, it kicks off a chain of events that leads to an explosive and violent finale.

The adventure continues in A Mark of Strength where the Compound is in chaos following the dramatic climax of the first book and each character must contend with what’s happened as well as confront new revelations.  

The book is available on paperback and Kindle eBook.

The prologue is available to read here

About the author:

Christopher Webster is a screenwriter, author, and narrative designer. He is a writer on the Amazon Prime television series Dark/Web, which was nominated for seven Emmy Awards including ‘Outstanding Digital Series’, and the creator of the wilderness survival series The Enrollment Trilogy. Recently, he wrote the first interactive adaptation of HG Wells’ The War of the Worlds as well as the scifi mobile adventure The Pulse for StoryFix Media.

StoryFix Media creates interactive fiction games and novels.

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