Have You Heard About Mythion Adventures?

We’ve come a long way from traditional choose your own adventure stories where we needed some paper, a pen, and a dice to play. Now, we have amazing titles such as Late Shift, Creatures Such As We, and the Delight Series available online. There’s even Bandersnatch, an interactive fiction episode from Black Mirror, where the game is played like a movie. It’s not exactly a CYOA story, simply because it wasn’t told from a first-person perspective, but it came very close to becoming one.

But it’s no secret that content for interactive fiction is very sparse. Fortunately, independent game development company Mythion Games has a solution: to create an ongoing series.

Mythion Adventures

Mythion Adventures is an interactive fiction game for mobile devices. It’s a series of stories that take place in a fantasy world called Aulain, where uncanny creatures and curious people roam. For example, will you take on the role of Zahraziv, the struggling dwarf? Hawkins, the man of faith? The adventurer who climbs Madrigal’s Tower? There are several stories up for reading and the app releases a few every month, so you’ll never run out of content.

Plus, it’s multiplayer—which has never been done in an interactive game before (unless we count Murderous Ghosts by Vincent Baker, but it isn’t a full-fledged CYOA). We won’t spoil the details, but it’s definitely an experience. You can play with up to two friends who also have the app.

“I’ve always loved sci-fi fantasy games and wanted to create something that would inspire adventure and give players a connection to the story and its outcome,” says Kyle Aulerich, the CEO and co-founder of Mythion Games, during an interview. “We are all looking for new ways to connect and Mythion Adventures allows us to escape our everyday lives and connect with others.”


It’s not easy to build a title that keeps expanding, but Mythion Games does it brilliantly by creating the story-driven world of Aulain. “It was imperative that we find and hire the right people who understand and believe in the mission, and have the ability to world-build. This is instrumental to our success,” Aulerich further shares.

But what makes Aulain so special? To enhance any design’s efficiency, designers need to look at entries from a hierarchical top-down approach and apply it at a structural level. For example, in software, this means considering an app’s overall purpose, so you can list the features it needs to reach that goal. In world-building, this means breaking it down into components that make up a world such as the people, stories, locations, and others. Mythion Games made the right choice to introduce Aulain in a CYOA format. The world builds itself with every story, and the player experiences Aulain “first hand” through the perspective of its inhabitants.

How much is it?

Mythion Adventures is subscription-based, so you need to pay $6.99 every month to gain access. But with the number of stories already available and the sheer number of new ones added, it’ll be worth every penny. It has no in-app ads nor additional purchases.

For those who miss the feel of a traditional CYOA, eBook and physical book compilations of the published stories are available on Amazon.

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