Interactive WAR OF THE WORLDS Adaptation Coming this Summer

We are excited to announce that we HAVE released the first choose-your-path adaptation of HG. Wells’ seminal alien invasion novel The War of the Worlds as promised. The free-to-play mobile text adventure debuted on Google Play for Android devices in fall of 2020.

The War of the Worlds catalogs a catastrophic conflict between humans and extraterrestrial Martians who arrive on earth with a mysterious and deadly agenda. It was first published serially by Pearson’s Magazine in the U.K. and by The Cosmopolitan magazine in the U.S. in 1897.

The original work is considered a landmark of science fiction and has inspired numerous adaptations in film, TV and games since its initial publication.

“Ingeniously, The War of the Worlds is told from the perspective of an unnamed protagonist. This seamlessly allowed us to put any player front and center and give them control over the classic adventure,” said Christopher Webster, co-founder and lead writer on the project. “Being fans of Wells’ original book, we decided to stay as true to the spirit of the original work as we could. It was a dream to be a small part of its long history with our own release.”

In the new adaptation, readers have hands-on control over the direction of Wells’ story and even be able to learn more about the Martians than Wells originally allowed. Imagine entering the impact crater on the common, facing a dilemma to save townsfolk or yourself, or even finding yourself driving a tripod into battle on the Thames! Anything is possible when you make a story interactive.

artwork by Erick Solis

About StoryFix Media

StoryFix Media was founded in 2018. The War of the Worlds marks the second interactive mobile release from the company following The Pulse, an interactive sci-fi story they released in 2019. 

StoryFix Media also publishes traditional novels. The survival adventure, and first part in The Enrollment Trilogy, “New Horizons” was published in 2018 followed by the science fiction romance “The Blue Moon”. The second park in The Enrollment Trilogy releases fall, 2020.

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