D&D’s “Endless Quest” Series Comes to Audio

The Dungeons and Dragons Endless Quest choose your own adventure books are coming to audiobook tomorrow, May 26. They will be availble to experience on Hoopla Digital, Amazon, Apple iBooks, Audible, Google Play, and everywhere audiobooks are sold.

The six book series by Matt Forbeck let readers venture to Forgotten Realms locations Castle Ravenloft, the Underdark, and Waterdeep, telling stories that offer 20 different endings based on the paths you choose to take.

All six entries in the Endless Quest series—Escape the UnderdarkTo Catch a ThiefBig TroubleInto the JungleEscape from Castle Ravenloft, and The Mad Mage’s Academy—have been adapted by Dreamscape Media into multi-cast narrated audio books, recorded in the second person.

Told from the point of view of the listener, you’ll still play out your audio adventure much like you would a choose your own adventure book, listening to bites of story before being asked to make a choice that will influence just how you progress.

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