New Book Announcement!

A Mark of Strength

Book two of The Enrollment Trilogy

The adventure continues! StoryFix Media will release A Mark of Strength, the second part in Christopher Webster’s Enrollment Trilogy, in the fall of 2020, and we’re excited to share the first look at the novel’s paperback cover along with the synopsis.

The eagerly awaited sequel to the series’ first installment New Horizons continues the adventure of fifteen year-old Marcus Riley and his friends, picking up mere weeks after their high octane escape from the mysterious wilderness compound operated by AASP.

Before we get to the story, take a look at the cover designed by Erick Solis who also designed the cover of New Horizons and read the full synopsis below.


The compound is in chaos. Following the victory against Talon’s vicious clan, a wounded Adam struggles to lead his united tribe of loners and control New Horizons. But as rumor and paranoia sweep through the ranks, threatening to end his short reign, a mysterious message arrives that puts everyone’s loyalty to the test.    

Meanwhile, Marcus, Elle and Scab struggle to adjust to the outside world in the wake of their daring escape. Who can they trust as they work to discover more about the mysterious AASP and rescue the friends they left behind? Friendships are tested and dark secrets are revealed in a game that is quickly spiraling out of control.

The book will be up for pre-order in the coming months. Also, watch for an exclusive excerpt from the book coming soon.

If you want to catch up with the first book in the series, please remember that our books can also be read for free on Kindle Unlimted. You can also request copies from your local library!

We can’t wait to get this one onto your bookshelves and Kindle readers!

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  1. Have contacted Bookchor people let’s see what they say.


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