Black Mirror Live Experience Announced

Thorpe Park has announced the world’s first Black Mirror live experience. Black Mirror Labyrinth opens in March 2020. Thorpe Park, is an amusement park located between the towns of Chertsey and Staines-upon-Thames in Surrey, England.

Few details have been released about the digital maze, but Merlin’s website invites fans of the sci-fi near-future satirical series to:

“Get lost as you enter a hypnotic maze using cutting-edge visual technology and sensory-defying environments. Will you keep your grip on reality or will you lose yourself in the digital mainframe as this unpredictable digitised dimension reveals an uneasy truth that manipulates and displaces your very existence, leaving you questioning how well you really know yourself?”

Black Mirror Labyrinth is inspired by the Netflix TV series created by created by Charlie Brooker. The anthology series is becoming know for innovation, experimenting with an interactive, choose-your-own-adventure episode Bandersnatch in 2018.

Groups of six guests go through an hour long “cerebral exploration”, including individual analysis, audio-visual stimulation, and dreamlike VR curated to visitors’ inner being.

According to the psychological VR attraction’s website, guests will “reflect on the subconscious and feel the overwhelming thrill of having a hole bored through your head”.

If any of our UK friends want to check it out and report back, we’d love to hear what this is like!

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