A new company is looking to innovate the world of interactive audio adventures. Wanderword believes that audio is the next frontier for the interactive fiction market and have been working to, not only develop and publish interactive audio entertainment for the mobile and smart speaker market, but have also developed their own platform.

Just like in the case of games & films, they believe that audio must take the step into interactivity in order to create new & more engaging stories. The market has grown tremendously thanks to Google and Amazon investing heavily in smart speaker technology. The hardware is in place, consumers know what to do but they lack meaningful, quality content that fully utilizes the potential of both the user and the technology.


Cursed Painting is their latest offering and a free demo is available to try now.

Explore ancient ruins in order to uncover the secret of a cursed painting hidden deep inside an abandoned castle, and stop the undead curse plaguing the kingdom in this expansive RPG.

Choose between three different backgrounds – a thief, an adventurer or a noble in this interactive role playing experience and get ready for a grand adventure featuring a rich soundscape.

​Combining the best elements of tabletop gaming, audiobooks, and open world exploration, Curse Painting delivers a uniquely vivid and interactive experience. Whichever of the three backgrounds you choose – a thief, an adventurer or a noble – your choices and path is completely up to you. 

As the Storyteller leads you through the game you will be immersed by layers of meticulously crafted audio paired with an original fantasy score that will suck you right into the world.

Wanderword has also developed a platform to make this content happen and they provide the skills & the tools to turn linear stories into interactive audio entertainment and enabling the market to grow.

Check out the trailer for Cursed Painting below and be sure to try the demo.

StoryFix Media publishes interactive fiction games and novels.

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