Episode One of Post-Apocalyptic “Runswick Outpost” out Now!

The team at 8bitUndead have been very busy over the last year, prepping (get it?) their new online, free to play, interactive fiction thriller called Runswick Outpost. The epic story about surviving in a post-apocalyptic world will see new episodes published periodically in order to foster a community around the experience. And as we’ll explore below, the team behind the series have done a lot to empower people to get involved and shape the story.  

Their goal is to release parts of the story as episodes, as a living breathing story, so readers will need to follow along for when the next part of their story is published.

Members will also be able to occasionally participate in polls, which will also impact the direction the story goes, so the more participation you have in community engagement, the more impact you can have on the ultimate direction of the tale.

To ensure you never miss a moment, you can tap into “Desktop and mobile” notifications, which will alert you when new story posts are published but notifications are not required to “required” to play along.

Runswick Outpost Features

  • Interactive Story where the decisions you make, impact the story
  • Multiple Achievements to unlock
  • Global leader board, compete to be the best Outpost Member
  • Runner’s Log, track time, distance and date
  • Monthly Contests and giveaways
  • Social gathering to discuss the story, make friends or talk about all things

 8BitUndead will also run monthly contests and giveaways. Entries will be based on players who have the highest Outpost Points, most unlocked Achievements, and Outpost Rank. Players can win all sorts of fun things, from Gift Cards to custom Achievements and more.

Visit https://8bitundead.com and sign up for a free account, and begin your Post-Apocalyptic journey of survival. Earn Outpost Points by engaging in the social community, and move up through the ranks.

A lot of thought and work has gone into this one, so check it out. As developers of interactive fiction who are wondering what the next phase of the genre looks like, this kind of community platform looks like a winner.


The Blue Moon is out now!

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  1. mrkenray says:

    is there a rating on this? My son would love it, but he’s ten.


    1. Talked with the developers and they told me there was no overly gratuitous language or violence.

      Should be a safe bet!


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