Trailer: ‘Captain Underpants Epic Choice-O-Rama’

DreamWorks Animation Television has created Netflix’ latest interactive special, this time for the original series Captain Underpants. The episode is set to drop February 11. The choose-your-own-adventure special called “Epic Choice-O-Rama” runs longer than a regular episode for a total of 60 minutes.

The episode could last 35 minutes depending on the viewer’s choices. It been in the works with Netflix for about two years and will live as a standalone special on the service. Peter Hastings (AnimaniacsPinky and the Brain) is the executive producer.

Based on the novels by Dav Pilkey, the episode follows a revenge plot and a fight for a treehouse. Audiences are prompted to make choices at key plot points to drive the story to its conclusion.


When Principal Krupp has had it with George and Harold’s comics, he threatens to destroy their treehouse once and for all. George and Harold need to hatch a plan to buy the land before Krupp does, and they need your help to do it in this all new interactive Choice-O-Rama special! With no shortage of George and Harold’s imagination and mischief at hand, you’ll be along for every wild twist and turn in their plot to stop Krupp from tearing down the treehouse. Choose fast and choose wisely, as the fate of creativity and comics is literally in your hands!


The special is part of the usual DreamWorks pipeline, according to a DreamWorks spokesperson, but the Netflix product team played a hands-on role in crafting the choice prompts and story mapping so it would all work with the pre-existing tech.

Check out the trailer here:

This is not Netflix and DreamWorks’ first time teaming up on interactive content. In 2017, the two worked together on a special Puss in Book episode, “Trapped in an Epic Tale.” Netflix also picked up an interactive episode of Buddy Thunderstruck, followed by a five-episode interactive Minecraft series a year later, and a new interactive series called Battle Kitty based on animator Matt Layzell’s Instagram posts, which has yet to premiere.


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