BBC Eyes Major Interactive Innovation

Fans of the recent TV adaption of His Dark Materials may actually be able to enter its fantasy world and fight alongside their very own daemon if the BBC’s R&D department has anything to say about it.

As part of their marketing push, the BBC has already released an interactive online game where fans can discover their own daemon, but according to a new interview with a bunch of BBC Project R&D Engineers,  there may be plans to bring immersive, interactive fiction possibilities into a whole new realm.

“Productions like His Dark Materials are already starting to be adequate to be able to produce an object-based media experience,” says Juliette Carter, BBC R&D Engineer. “There are already some scenes in [His Dark Materials] which have been created in CGI, rendered using a game engine, and composited out in video. The content is already there.”

“Viewers will be able to press a button and navigate through a scene,” says Rajiv Ramdhany, BBC Project R&D Engineer. “You could have your own personal daemon rendered next to you as you explore the world of Trollesund.”


“Given a fully digital set of media assets it will be possible for different parts of a scene to be rendered and for the viewer to find themselves in the middle of a battle scene, able to see all around you,” says Ramdhany. “This is the holy grail in terms of interactive narrative.”

BBC/HBO have already shot the second series of His Dark Materials, likely due for release this time next year. It is likely that interactive object-based media experiences will be produced to complement it and future seasons.

Read the full interview with the engineers.


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