EKO Debuts Four Interactive Shows

Interactive TV startup EKO released four new choose-your-own-adventure videos on their platform yesterday. Since the interactive TV boom as been unfolding, EKO has been at the forefront, releasing some big series including #WarGames from Her Story‘s Sam Barlow and a ton more shows on the way. Netflix comes in a close second, breaking through the media noise with Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

Eko’s new series’ include:


After graduation day, three friends are facing going their separate ways and want to make the last night of college count. You play as Martin, juggling his genius crush and his stressed-out BFF, all on a vital mission to get into the coolest graduation party of all time. Will Martin choose love, loyalty or something completely different? It’s up to you to turn this grad night into the most epic night ever.

Epic Night comprises 120-plus minutes of total possible runtime and has 12 possible endings.


Welcome to Season 39 of the most interactive reality show ever: The Coop!

Get ready to be dropped right in the middle of this action-filled murder mystery reality TV show as you control what the housemates say and do on-air. But be warned, there’s a murderer in our midst, and they are bringing a real toxic energy into the house, especially after they offed token house-hunk, Ryan. It’s up to YOU at home to sleuth out this murder mystery game and find out who the killer is… so get to it already!!

The Coop, an over-the-top parody of Big Brother-style reality shows that doubles as a satirical murder mystery.


After defying her parents and becoming a wizard school dropout, Andy has to figure out how to make it on her own in decidedly non-magical Los Angeles. Unfortunately, Glimdrang Academy doesn’t prepare you for getting a job in this economy. About to lose a piece of her soul to her creepy landlord, she needs your help to figure out how to be a wizard in real life. Help her make friends, cast spells, start an (unlicensed) business, and maybe prevent a little bro-pocalypse along the way. And don’t forget the rent!

Wizard School Dropout, which riffs on a Harry Potter-esque premise of wizards living in the human world, but the protagonist is a broke washout of her wizarding academy and facing eviction for not paying rent.


When Dee’s phone mysteriously gains the ability to see the future, she might just have a chance of going from a zero to a major hero at her high school. Help Dee use her psychic phone’s social timeline to figure out why her BFF Marti is giving her the silent treatment, and how she can get closer to her crush. Along the way, you and Dee will discover a sinister mystery stalks the halls of North Adams River High School.

Timeline, a teen drama set in high school where the social-media feeds on the main character’s phone are suddenly endowed with the ability to display future events.

Read for .99 cents

The shows are available free at Eko.com and on the Eko app. 

For Walmart, Eko has the potential to unlock next-generation ways to entice shoppers to buy its products. Two of the new Eko programs have tangential shopping elements nested inside them.

Wizard School Dropout includes a story-within-a-story called The Sidequests of Gwendolyn Griffin, which lets viewers choose what Gwendolyn should buy to decorate her apartment and throw a housewarming party. Timeline gives viewers prompts to select fashion styles. Both eventually lead back to online shopping at Walmart, the world’s largest retailer. 


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