Play Now: RESIDENT EVIL Choose Your Own Adventure

Capcom has released a free-to-play, choose your own adventure Resident Evil game called”Escape For Halloween”. The game is available to play in your browser right now.

In the game, which is designed like a text-based CYOA game, you were planning on hitting up a Halloween party. You had your costume all ready and everyone was going to be there. It was supposed to be fun, but on your way, you’re kidnapped and placed in some nefarious Umbrella project.

Will you be able to escape the Mastermind’s devious experiment and make it to the party, or will you wind up a dissected corpse on a table?

Capcom’s “Escape for Halloween” CYOA browser game

Your reward for busting out and beating the game? A retweet from the official Capcom Dev 1 Twitter account, acknowledging your accomplishment and sharing it with the world. 


It’s always good to see AAA game developers having fun with our medium of choice and the game is both fun, unnerving and difficult enough for players of any level to enjoy.

What do you think? Will you give it a spin?


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