X-FILES Choose Your Own Adventure Highlights Storyscape Launch

The branching narrative space remains incredibly popular with mobile gamers and readers, but it’s definitely getting crowded. One way to keep yourself top-of-mind is to do what FoxNext has done with their just-released Storyscape app — pack it with very high profile IP.

FoxNext Games’ newly released Storyscape is the latest choose-your-own-adventure interactive fiction mobile app. It gives gamers access to familiar stories, like an all new Titanic movie-inspired drama as well as an all new X-Files mystery, among other original genre adventures.

The one thing each of these new titles has in common is that the choices and power are in the hands of the player.


Currently, Storyscape features five stories, each around ten episodes long: TitanicThe X-FilesLife 2.0, and Eternal City.

Let’s take a look at each in more detail.

The X-Files

The truth is out there, and it’s under siege.

FBI Assistant Director Skinner has brought in two brilliant new recruits to take on the cases that defy common sense under the tutelage of the experienced Mulder and Scully.

You will guide these agents through dangerous conspiracies, unnatural horrors, terrifying enemies both new and old, and—the greatest challenge of all—working together, to solve The X-Files.

Best known for writing introspective characters, the author of this new choose your own adventure, Sean Kelley McKeever, is an Eisner Award winner for his comics work, which includes Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, Inhumans, Teen Titans, The Incredible Hulk and Outpost Zero.

Outside of comics, Sean’s written for animation and video games, including the award-winning Star Wars: The Old Republic.


For many in 1912, passage aboard the RMS Titanic was the trip of a lifetime, but for you it is an escape: a chance for new beginnings and new loves.

Navigate your own tale of epic romance, intrigue, and tragedy—all within the world of James Cameron’s cinematic masterpiece, Titanic.

Titan author Meg Jayanth is a writer and narrative designer. She won a Writer’s Guild of Great Britain Award for her work on the anti-colonial steampunk game 80 Days, and recently contributed to Sunless SkiesBoyfriend DungeonThis War of Mine and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Eternal City

In an ancient metropolis ruled by power-hungry factions, magic, and secrets, a single life will change everything. The City once provided for its citizens richly, but corruption lives at the heart of the Garden and the people are growing desperate as food grows scarce.

From child slave to powerful elder, you will live an entire lifetime and your choices will shape or destroy this world.

Alexander Marsh Freed is a New York Times bestselling author who has spent over a decade as a writer and editor in the worlds of video games, novels, and comic books. Recent projects include the novel Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron, the Violet Dawn webcomic, and BioWare’s Anthem video game.

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The gameplay of all of these games is similar to other mobile interactive fiction titles, such as our own CYOA mobile game The Pulse.

While Storyscape has been released with four titles, there are multiple stories in development, including a drama called Edge of Extinction to be released in November. Two additional stories (science fiction Ageless and romantic comedy Life 2.0 Season 2) are currently in production.

Storyscape is available now for iOS and Android devices. The game is free-to-play with in-app purchases. For more information on current and future stories, visit the game’s official site.


THE PULSE is out now on Google Play

Our sci-fi text adventure The Pulse is out now. Our novels New Horizons and The Blue Moon are also available now.

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