First Look: Netflix’s Voice-Controlled “The 3% Challenge”

Netflix and Doppio Games have created a new voice-controlled game as part of their lead-up to the new season of the acclaimed sci-fi series 3%. The game is a free multiplayer game called The 3% Challenge.

The 3% Challenge was created as a prequel, set before the show’s dystopian drama, with a launch on Amazon Alexa today and then on Google Assistant later this week. The game will be available in both English and the show’s native Portuguese.

The narrative created for The 3% Challenge is a prequel to the show’s storyline, with players experiencing what happened 20 years before the first season of 3%.

Fans of the series join the show’s process where candidates are challenged and vetted.

The 3% Challenge relies only on voice-control, with several custom-made voice-based challenges that test players’ skills, created specifically for the game based on the series.

The game’s prequel storyline was written in collaboration with writers of Netflix’s 3%, including Pedro Aguilera and Cassio Koshikumo.

Later this year, The 3% Challenge will offer players fresh and ongoing content updates, with more episodes and challenges.

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Game Features

  • Play through several surprising voice-based challenges to test your skills and prove that you belong in the elite
  • Compete with other players across the globe in weekly tournaments and earn rewards to give you an edge
  • Features an original prequel storyline written in collaboration with the showrunner and writers of the hit Netflix Original Series
  • Voiced by Bianca Comparato, the lead actress from the hit Netflix Original Series
  • Vibrant characters that become your friends and enemies in an interactive story that has hidden storyline branches

“With AI changing the landscape of gaming, we are revolutionizing the gaming industry with captivating gaming experiences that can’t be achieved on any other platforms,” said Jeferson Valadares, Doppio Games’ CEO, in a statement. “As users seek ways to get the most from their devices, voice control could evolve to outpace touch control, with The 3% Challenge leading the way.”

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Based in Porto, Portugal, Doppio Games makes conversational games about people and their relationships, discussing life’s biggest questions in an often humorous way.

The team has roots in studios such as BioWare, Playfish, and Digital Chocolate.


THE PULSE is out now on Google Play

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