Tinder Debuting Interactive Series in October

The streaming wars are officially upon us and many tech companies are desperately using interactivity to set themselves apart from the crowd. Even dating app Tinder is set to release a new, yet-to-be titled series which takes the form of six choose-your-own-adventure-style episodes.

The series will debut in early October.

The TV series is said to be set against an impending apocalypse and asks the question “Who would you spend your last night alive with?” Tinder users will swipe right or left in order to advance and direct the plot.

Known only as “Project X,” the production was budgeted at close to $5 million and shot entirely on location with up-and-coming actors.

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The series is directed by music video director Karena Evans who has directed videos for Drake and most recently shot the pilot episode of the Starz stripper drama “P-Valley.”


Don’t use Tinder? Don’t worry.

The show’s producers are considering a later run on a more traditional streaming platform, said a source to Variety. Netflix definitely could manage it astheir “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” release uses a simple binary choice mechanic.

The series clocks in at over two hours total, said sources, who added the content was shot to be viewed vertically on smartphones.

Experimental content like this will come fast next year, as Jeffrey Katzenberg prepares to launch his mobile-first video platform Quibi. Top creators including Steven Spielberg and Jason Blum, and talent from Anna Kendrick to Stephan James and Kevin Hart, have signed on to create shortform content that lets users burn through story via app breaks.

The platform is set to launch in April 2020.


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