Breacher Story: Slick, Paranoid Cyberpunk IF

Developed by Doubleton Game Studios, Breacher Story is a playable narrative experience that dives deep into the world of cyber-security, conspiracy theories and social engineering. The interactive fiction game was initially a mobile only title, but it was recently updated for the Steam store and can be played on desktops.

The game play is delivered through a series of mobile conversations in which you have to carefully choose your replies to make your way up the small corporate ladder towards an unforeseen future or sabotage your new career. 

Witness critical world events surrounding cyber-threats, ransomware, online phishing and DDoS attacks as they unfold in real time.

New desktop game play

Breacher Story rings just the right bell for us now because we’re currently working our way through William Gibson’s “Neuromancer Trilogyand this game is characterized by a very slick, cyberpunk aesthetic that accentuates the tech-themed, paranoid tale.

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Main Features:

– An immersive way of introducing the narrative through an intuitive interface.- Utilizing chat mechanics of popular messaging apps.
– Use your social engineering skills to reach your goals.
– Unlock different conversations based on the player’s success or failures.
– Unique and original characters that helps you immerse in the narrative.
– Multiple choices will lead to the dramatic open ended conclusion.
– In game world news ticker.
– Dynamic glossary.

Big shout out to The Story Fix reader Ianic for altering us to this very cool project.

Breacher Story trailer:


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