Looking Back at Twitch’s Interactive Series “Artificial”

We’ve been eagerly covering the interactive TV series boom that’s currently taking place, and about to explode over the next few years with Netflix, YouTube, Vudu and others investing in the concept. Today we take a look back at Twitch’s first foray into creating an interactive series which aims to crowdsource its audience to direct it’s narrative.

The series is called Artificial and it tells the story of story of Sophie, an advanced form of artificial intelligence, as she learns to navigate the world, interact with people around her, and eventually, become human. We’ve seen this story told very well recently in shows like Humans and Westworld, but Artificial stands out for how it engages its audience to tell its story.

Instead of a single viewer making choices that create a branching story that they themselves experience, Artificial comes up with creative opportunities to asks the audience to submit questions for Sophie, or runs polls to see where the larger audience would like to see the story go.

The series’ second season is about to hit. Here’s the synopsis:

Artificial: Version 2.0” continues to follow Dr. Matt Lin (Tohoru Masamune) as he, along with the live Twitch audience, guides his AI daughter Sophie (Tiffany Chu) on her journey to become human.

The Twitch users will have more tools than ever to profoundly influence the show’s direction, including interactive polls, audience Q&A’s and the opportunity to send fan letters or gifts that will affect Sophie’s journey during each episode.”

The series adds to its immersive nature with a weekly podcast, Artificial: Uncovered hosted by Carmen (La Trice Harper) and Justin (Justin Lee), further blurring the lines between what is real and what isn’t.

As Twitch readies Artificial: 2.0 (essentially season 2), committed viewers and curious consumers alike can relive the highlights of Sophie’s journey in the video below that recaps the previous season.

Check out the full video and a synopsis of season 2 below: 


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