She Sees Red is a new interactive, live-action thriller produced by Rhinotales, a group of filmmakers and game designers who formed specifically to experiment with blending the language of cinema and games together.

As you watch the film, you make choices for a young man, pursued by both Russian mobsters and a police detective hell-bent on discovering the truth behind some murders – murders you committed. Of course, the question is why?

Each walkthrough takes 30-35 minutes according to its developers, but total video running time is about 90 minutes as there are four different endings to this branching narrative.

There’s been a strange murder in a night club. A detective is doing her best to find the elusive murderer who continues their killing spree leaving abundant evidence behind. Make different choices to affect the plot line and reveal all pieces of the puzzle.


  • Dynamic and non-linear plot: it’s a short but intense story with four possible endings that depend on your choices.
  • Non-conventional storytelling: different choices lead to different parts of the story. It takes at least two walkthroughs to reveal the whole plot.
  • Real motion picture: it is a live-action movie presented to you by true professionals.

She Sees Red is available now on Steam.

Check out the trailer below:


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