Choice of Links: June/July, 2019

June and July were pretty huge months for interactive fiction creators and players alike. Between some intriguing news and releases, E3 was sandwiched in there too which gave us our first look at some big titles coming in the near future.

For us though, June was an exciting time because it saw the release of our own debut CYOA adventure The Pulse which was released on June 25 on Google Play. To learn more about the game and what went into the production of it, be sure to read our post “How The Pulse is More than Binary Choices.”

We want to thank the many of you who chose to spend your hard earned pocket money supporting our first endeavor and we’ve been enjoying some helpful feedback, both positive and critical that is helping us as we develop our next game (more on that soon!).

Xbox’s E3 was in June and one big IF release that was represented was Annapurna Interactive’s 12 Minutes game.

In the time looping game that is part Memento, part The Shinning, you must relive the same 12 minutes again and again until you learn the truth and stop a tragedy.

More news and articles:

Amazon releases new tool to create branching audio narratives

Black Mirror snatches two Emmy nominations for their interactive “Bandersnatch” episode.

Eko is confirmed to produce 12+ new interactive series pilots

Emily Short has a very good review of Inkle’s new “Heaven’s Vault” game

Set The Tape reviews The Pulse

An intriguing new Cyberpunk gamebook called “Core Runner” is available for free now

Anthology series Dark/Web on Amazon Prime

A new anthology TV series has premiered on Amazon Prime called Dark/Web. Our own Christopher Webster was a writer on the show and it’s worth checking out if you enjoy tech themed thrillers or show’s like The X-Files or the Twilight Zone.

Don’t have Prime? Sign up for a free 30-Day trial and check the show out!


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