The Awakening: Early Alpha Available Now

Writer, developer and CYOA enthusiast Robert Giammaria has released an early Alpha/Beta build of his upcoming post-apocalyptic zombie visual novel The Awakening on He is currently seeking early feedback on the work in progress game due soon.

The Awakening is described as a classic story of survival during a zombie apocalypse. I think it’s safe to say that fans of The Walking Dead would definitely want to check it out. Disease runs rampant, “Infected” roam the streets, and the greatest danger may not be the Undead.

The Awakening is available for Android

“The Awakening” features:

  • Original Story
  • Multiple ways to die
  • Integrated RPG Statistics that you can train, which will impact the direction the story takes
    Multiple story branches, with different locations to explore
  • ARG elements, that offer real-life integration with the story, giving the reader a chance to immerse themselves in the story world, and so much more!

This story is ever evolving and content is added all the time.

You can follow the game’s progress on Twitter and be sure to check out the game trailer below:


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