Adventuron: Start Building A Text Adventure in Minutes

Adventuron is a new authoring system for creating simple, retro text adventures for mobile and desktop that can be easily exported to HTML. Geared towards the nostalgia set, Adventuron is unabashedly retro, but seems to be targeting parents who may want to get their children hooked on reading and coding all at once.

There is a very helpful “Adventuron classroom” tutorial available that takes newcomers through all the steps to build the rudimentary skills needed to understand how to play text adventures and then how to code them. Aimed at children ages 8-12, we would argue that it is the right place to start for beginners of any age.

In a new blog post, Adventuron creator Chris Ainsley also posted a great 30 minute tutorial which shows off how to load a simple template and get to work building a game in minutes flat.

You can watch that tutorial below:

After creating a game with Adventuron, it is simple to export the game as a standalone HTML file, which will then run on mobile, tablet, and desktop class devices.

Simple games written in Adventuron can be (tool assisted) ported to older text adventure engines, the first of which is PAW, allowing games written with Adventuron to run on ZX Spectrum computer hardware from 1982, a computer with just 48 kilobytes of memory, and a Z80 CPU clocked at just 3.5Mhz.

A guide for achieving this is here.

The results of the conversion tool is found on the itch page in the downloads section.


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