‘The Pulse’ Original Game Soundtrack

Synthwave fans will want to check out some original music from the upcoming mobile game The Pulse ahead of its June 25 release on Google Play.

The interactive sci-fi story features original music composed by synthwave newcomer Auto/Reflex, while the game’s official playlist includes previously recorded tracks by huge electronic recording artists Makeup and Vanity Set, Ogre, Killstarr, Crockett, Starforce, as well as NewRetroWave Records’ Airglow and Starlight.

To kick things off here’s the game’s main theme by Auto/Reflex, a Giallo inspired slow-burn that builds to a rousing crescendo, sending us into the dark night, looking to solve the mystery of what happened to Cutter’s Crossing.

Auto/Reflex recorded all of the music for The Pulse using a combination of analog keyboards and free synth apps available for anyone to compose with.

The short EP features tracks ranging from short, etheral soundscapes to something right out of a 90’s Sega Genesis game as heard in the short, but hard-edged “The Machine” below:

Not satisfied merely creating their own original music for the game, the StoryFix team contacted many high profile composers who agreed to contribute tracks to an official, rousing synth playlist that should get listeners primed for the kind of experience The Pulse will provide.

“The synthwave movement offered endless inspiration while we developed the story, tone, and design for the The Pulse. These artists can conjure entire worlds, nostalgic and futuristic, emotional and cinematic in scope. We’re thrilled to feature some of their best work in our game’s official playlist.”

— Christopher Webster, StoryFix Media Co-Founder

The Pulse Playlist Track Listing:

  1. “The Pulse (main theme)” by Auto/Reflex
  2. “Atomic Samurai” by Ogre (from the album, “195”)
  3. “Age of Nano” by Starforce (from the album, “Age of Nano”)
  4. “Into the Woods” by Auto/Reflex
  5. “Safe House” by Crockett (from the album, “City of Ghosts”)
  6. “The Machine” by Auto/Reflex
  7. “Home Computer” by Makeup and Vanity Set
  8. “Jupiter” by Killstarr (from the album “Wolds Apart”)
  9. “Cutter’s Crossing” by Auto/Reflex
  10. “S.A.M” by Airglow
  11. “Memories” by Starlight

All tracks are compiled and can be listened to in order in the playlist below:


StoryFix Media produces interactive fiction games and novels. Our sci-fi text adventure The Pulse is out now on Google Play. Our novels New Horizons and The Blue Moon are available now.

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