Choice of Links: May 2019

(Almost) each month, we’ll round up all the links you may have missed about all the stuff happening in the interactive fiction space. Chances are we’ll miss something, so do let us know in the comments or through our contacts page if you think there is something happening that we should be aware of.

New Fighting Fantasy Novel

Two years after The Port of Peril was published, Ian Livingstone is back, with another brand new Fighting Fantasy adventure gamebook. Assassins of Allansia  will be available to buy first at Fighting Fantasy Fest 3, along with all new editions of  Caverns of the Snow Witch and Kharé – Cityport of Traps.

Thanks to Gamebook News who published more info about the book, as well as the first look at the gorgeous cover art you see below.

Observation Out Now

No Code have finally release their epic space station mystery, Observation, on PS4 and on the Epic Game Store.

This one looks like a big step up from their last release Stories Untold which proved to be a big hit in the IF community when it premiered in 2017.

Eleven Eleven VR Experience

SyFy’s interactive fiction VR experience Eleven Eleven is out now on Steam.

With over 90 min of content to discover, Eleven Eleven is a groundbreaking entertainment experience that places you in the center of the story.

Follow six main characters as they count down the final 11 minutes and 11 seconds before all life is extinguished on the island planet of Kairos Linea. Their only guarantee for survival is a transport ship that will launch just before the clock hits zero, taking whoever can get aboard to safety on a floating ark in the sky. 

Their stories unfold simultaneously, and using your HTC Vive or Oculus Touch controllers you manipulate navigate through time and space as their narratives play out in real-time.

Interview with Sam Barlow

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our interview with Sam Barlow.

We talk a lot about interactive film and what it took to bring his newest project Teling Lies to lie.

You can read that interview here!

Let’s Play Podcast

There’s a podcast devoted to text adventures and retro gaming. I know, right? The last episode of the Let’s Play Podcast was back in April, but let’s hope there are more to come.

You can find the Let’s Play Podcast here.

Emily Short Review Return of Obra Dinn

In which we round up bits and pieces of news and round up posts of ours you may have missed.

Interactive fiction writer and developer Emily Short has posted a great review of Lucas Pope’s The Return of the Obra Dinn, winner of both the Grand Prize and Excellence in Narrative at the most recent IGF.

Check out her review here.


THE PULSE is out now!

StoryFix Media produces interactive fiction games and novels. Our sci-fi text adventure The Pulse is out now. Our novels New Horizons and The Blue Moon are available now.

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