Hunt a Killer: Interactive Murder Mystery Mailed Monthly

Hunt A Killer is an immersive subscription experience created by Gnomish Hat where each month players receive a box of elaborate artifacts from a serial killer. Each box is like the episode of a series where the plot thickens and you have to solve the mystery before the killer can strike again.

Founded in early 2016, Hunt A Killer started as an annual, immersive thriller event at Camp Ramblewood, MD. Participants would work in teams to solve a weekend-long murder mystery. Although the event saw some initial success, co-founders Ryan Hogan and Derrick Smith realized their dream of revolutionizing the entertainment industry could not come to fruition through a once-a-year event.

So, taking notice of the growing popularity of subscription boxes, they saw an opportunity to take the idea worldwide by delivering captivating, immersive mystery tales right to people’s doorsteps through objects, letters, and clues from a fictional serial killer.

As you can imagine, creating the Hunt a Killer experience is quite the production. But the service excels at creating high-quality, hand-crafted clues including maps, police records, authentic newspaper clippings, along with an entire back story with a big cast of characters.

Since the production cost of each Hunt a Killer box is pretty high, subscriptions start at $25.00/month.

Currently, you have to visit the website a see if you qualify to subscribe.


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