Syfy’s Interactive Eleven Eleven

Syfy unveiled a new interactive VR/AR experience called Eleven Eleven at SXSW. Viewers don’t interact with Eleven Eleven by solving mysteries or making choices for characters. Instead, they can choose to explore the environment of planet Kairos Linea at will , or follow one of multiple characters a they grapple with the destruction of their planet. This, of course, means you can go back to the experience many times to experience various angles on Eleven Eleven‘s narrative.

Eleven Eleven is written by Lucas Taylor with voice and motion capture directed by Keith Arem, who served as talent director on the Call of Duty video games.

The Story:

Set on the island planet of Kairos Linea, Eleven Eleven is a multi-linear narrative that places users in the center of the action as its inhabitants count down the final 11 minutes and 11 seconds to an extinction-level event.

The only guarantee for survival is aboard a rescue ship that will launch just before the clock hits zero, transporting a lucky few to the safety of a floating ark in the sky. The narrative plays out in real-time and focuses on six main characters whose stories intersect as they try to make it to the ship, or face the reality of what could be their final moments.

Viewers can experience the content in several ways:

— in story mode, users see the world from the point of view of a main character, following him or her on a guided journey for a more traditional TV-like experience;

— in explore mode, users can detach from that character to roam freely about the world, follow ancillary characters and search for clues to uncover more fo the story

— and in Goddess mode, users can shrink the world to see it from a birds’-eye view.


Eleven Eleven is being released in slightly different versions for tethered VR, mobile VR, and mobile AR.

It will launch on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR. A version with around 70 minutes of content, and without the ability to explore the world independently, will launch on Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR. A 70-minute version will also launch for iPhones and the iPad Pro. In some European markets,

SyFy will release it in partnership with TV network Sky.


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