Netflix Confirms More Interactive Content Coming

Great news, IF fans! In a fourth quarter earnings call, Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos confirmed that more interactive fiction content was coming to Netflix.

“We’ve got a hunch that it works across all kinds of storytelling,” Sarandos said. “And some of the greatest storytellers in the world are eager to dig into it.”

He went on to suggest that those high profile figures were “salivating” at the narrative possibilities. Who exactly those storytellers are and how they’d push the genre forward is unknown at this time, but the vote of confidence from the largest streaming service on the planet is a welcome one.

In an article at Deadline, they explain that right now Netflix is trying to determine if the success of “Bandersnatch” was due to the already established popularity of Black Mirror.

And don’t forget, “Bandersnatch” isn’t Netflix’s first experiment with interactive content either. In late 2018, they released an interactive Minecraft series developed in partnership with the now defunct Telltale Games.

It kind of fell under the radar, but I expect it was popular with a particular demo. If we get a chance, we’ll give it a playthrough a report back.

At any rate, we’ll be sure to keep up with all the big interactive fiction news.


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