A twist ending has been discovered in “Bandersnatch,” the interactive episode of Black Mirror that was recently released on Netflix.

In it, the streaming giant gets sued by Chooseco LLC, the creators of the original Choose Your Own Adventure series of books. The twist? It’s actually happening.

You may remember that “Bandersnatch” opens with a scene where main character Stefan refers to his “Bandersnatch” novel as a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book. Well, according to the lawsuit, Chooseco is accusing Netflix of using its trademarked phrase without a license or authorization.

As reported by USA Today, Chooseco is also claiming that their brand has suffered damage due to the dark nature of the show, particularly its depiction of drug use and demonic possession.

Chooseco may be miffed because they’ve had a option to develop a CYOA film with 21st Century Fox for a while and got disrupted by Netflix.


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